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About MiiR

At 'Les Facteurs' we are proud to offer you a selection of the MiiR products. 

MiiR created the Product to Project™ movement, a business model where every product sold funds a trackable giving project that brings basic resources to people domestically and abroad.

Regardless of the profitability as a company, MiiR gives 5% of their top-line revenue annually to different giving projects around the world focusing on water, education and bicycle projects.

MiiR Bottles give clean water

The MiiR Give has contributed to 55+ water projects in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa of various types including biosand filters, construction and rehabilitation of water systems and supporting hygiene and sanitation programs.

MiiR Bags give education

The MiiR Give has helped establish a high school in Buchanan, Liberia by funding desks, chairs and chalkboards, as well as the labor needed to level grounds for a soccer field.


About your MiiR purchase

When you purchase a product from MiiR, you’ll receive a trackable code. You can enter this code on the MiiR website using the link below, and receive immediate confirmation of the registration with a link to the gps coordinates, pictures, and information on the active giving project associated with that give code. You’ll be able to track the progress of that project over time. At any time you can go to your MiiR account information and see the projects associated with each product you’ve purchased and registered.

Click here to track your impact.