Urban Bicycle Accessories & Lifestyle


Every day, I see Belgium and their citizens suffering from traffic jams, CO2 emissions and poor public transport. It’s clear. We need an object which we can move under its own power, which is always available and has no need for a spacious parking. After a lot of research work, I’ve found it. It is a frame with two wheels and a steering wheel. Simple. And even more, it already exists. It’s called ‘a bicycle’. (Remember the word!)

So far, So good.

After a few try-outs with a bicycle, my fellow cycling commuters and I had ready excuses to stick to our car. It's going to rain, it's dangerous, it is dark early, they often steal bikes, it's not a nice view, I have to carry, what if…

It seems we need the strong character of the bike postmen and -women to commute every day. Under all circumstances. Without excuses. In French those postmen are called 'Les Facteurs'. The online shop 'Les Facteurs' was born. (Spread the word!)


'Les Facteurs' motivates to pedal more. We offer useful accessories, stylish equipment and innovative solutions as an answers to our “not to bicycle” excuses. Each product and brand is carefully selected.

'Les Facteurs' inspires to cycle. We see our bikes as an extension of our identity and love for the cycling culture. It’s ok to place your bike in your interior. Sometimes you just want to look at it. No problem. We do the same. We see the bicycle as a lifestyle object.


We are glad to welcome you to the peloton of 'Les Facteurs'. Shop at your own pace and let us hear what you think.

But more important, jump on your bike. Nose in the wind. Feel the freedom. From A to B. Your own route. Your bike. Your style. Be proud. Feel satisfied.