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Since when is the shop 'Les Facteurs' online?
The 1st of December 2016.

Who is Wouter?
That's me. I’m 36 years old, proud father of 2 daughters, founder of 'Les Facteurs' and living in Belgium in a town called 'Zonhoven'. Famous for his yearly cyclocross event!

Why a webshop in bicycle accessories?
I believe we have to encourage each other to ride more. The advantages of riding a bicycle are well-known, but we always have our own excuses. I want to offer a bicycle accessory as answer on each of those excuses.

And you? Do you commute by bicycle to your work?
(sigh) I work from home.
That's easy. How dare you to tell us to bicycle more?
In fact I try to bike daily, by bringing the kids to school, visit town,... 
On sunday morning I ride a bigger tour with my fellow cycling mates.

What does 'Les Facteurs' mean?
See the "About Les Facteurs" page.

So, this is it?
No, no. There are still so many accessories, which can make you ride more. I will add gradually more products.

OMG! I've got FOMO about "Les Facteurs". What can I do?
Get instantly connected with "Les Facteurs" by subscribing to the newsletter or follow "Les Facteurs" on social media. This will help you to catch up your normal life again.
What does OMG and FOMO mean?
An abbreviation/slang for 'Oh My God' and 'Fear Of Missing Out'. Asking this question tells something about your age. Don't worry, we will not store this personal information into your customer account.

How can I show it?
We can dine by candlelight or otherwise you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or share your purchases/bicycle experiences by using the hashtag #lesfacteurs. We love you too.

Where can I find my customer account?
Click the icon on the top left. Here you can create of modify your customer account.