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Walz Caps - Grey/Black Stripe Wool 3-Panel - Les Facteurs
Walz Caps - Grey/Black Stripe Wool 3-Panel - Les Facteurs

Grey/Black Stripe Wool 3-Panel

Style meets true utility with the Wool 3-Panel line of caps. A solid three-season performer, the Wool 3-Panel features an internal moisture wicking band, and full moisture wicking liner sewn directly into the cap for added comfort. Available in tweed, herringbone, solid, and striped versions, the WALZ Wool 3-Panel cap harkens back to an era of cycling that knew the benefits of natural materials in apparel.


Please notice that the embroidered 'W' logo -as shown on the picture- will not be on the cap. However on the back of each cap the 'Walz' label is stitched. So yes, we deliver the real Walz caps!

Walz Cap Size Head/Cm
Small/Medium 54cm - 60cm
Large/X-Large 60cm - 63,5cm

How to Measure: Take a piece of string or flexible tape and measure directly across the forehead, above the ears, and around your entire skull. If the measurement is 54 cm to 60 cm, order size 'small/medium.' If the size is greater than 60 cm and less than 63,5 cm, order size 'large/x-large.' Simple. 

All prices are VAT inclusive, shipping cost exclusive